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timetable L.i.K.E. Dance Timetable

Download the full Timetable from Google Docs.


P/G Little Stars

4-6 y.o.

Feel Good

10-12 y.o.

Kids No Limits

7-9 y.o.



5-7 y.o.

P/G Lucky

10-13 y.o

P/G Prestige

9-11 y.o.


Step by Step

6-8 y.o.

P/G L.I.K.E.

10-13 y.o


12-15 y.o.


P/G Sparkle

8-10 y.o.

P/G Profi


Technique only

6 - 14 y.o



*The age groups are indicative only. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and availability of classes.



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